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Battle Ax Sports Fundraiser
Seeking to Become MLB Approved Bat Supplier for 2023 Season

Goal:  $72,000
Raised:  $8,465

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If you ever wanted to help others reach their dreams and full potential...

If you ever wanted to propel a vehicle that delivered God‘s word in a new and unique way...

If it brings you joy contributing to the creation of a better future for next generations...

Then I kindly ask that you take the 3 minutes and 50 couple seconds to see and hear about this opportunity to create an impact in all 3 of these areas in the video at the top of this page.

The opportunity you ask?

Helping a woman owned, veteran led, and faith based, wood bat company get in the MLB.


Let me explain -

My name is Ashley, owner and co-founder of Battle Ax Sports, and I'm inviting my fellow brothers and sisters on my journey to impacting, not only professional players, but the many followers who look up to professional athletes.


My backstory

Growing up I played basketball as a kid and I looked up to professional athletes as role models. I never planned on owning a business when I grew up, I dreamed of becoming a professional basketball player. But just like many plans, mine changed!

At age 17, I took on the most important role of my life, I became a mother and Timothy, at 18, became a father. By sticking together and helping one another to grow, 14 years later we are looking to make a positive impact in the sports arena.


I bet you’re questioning... Why the MLB Ashley?

Here is what we’ve learned to be true -
Culture is downstream from professional athletes. Professional athletes are role models by default, whether intended or not, they influence children around the world.

That is why I want to create a presence in the MLB and join with professional players to reach, connect, and inspire the many followers using scripture to promote faith, courage, and inspiration from God.

This is why I am reaching out for help.

We are so close to reaching this goal!

  • we offer premium quality wood bats

  • we are capable of mass producing our bats right here in the USA

  • we innovative new bat models and other products



Our biggest hurdle is funding.

Our goal is to raise $72,000 that will help fund the MLB bat supplier approval process and our outreach to teams and players.

Here’s the candid breakdown -

  • $ 28,000 MLB Bat Supplier Application Administrative Fee

  • $ 3,000 towards test samples and inspection sample bats

  • $ 20,000 in insurance premiums per year (provides over $10,000,000 in required insurance coverages)

  • $ 21,000 to support our meaningful outreach to teams and professional players (ie - MLB trade show)



These kinds of numbers may discourage other bat companies from trying to go pro...

But we are NOT discouraged and these numbers will not deter us.

WE ARE encouraged by our God and the purpose of our mission.


❗️ We are asking our brothers and sisters for support in 3 ways:

  1. Give a donation to our fundraiser

  2. Sharing our fundraiser with others

  3. Messaging your favorite MLB teams to give us a club nomination and asking your favorite MLB players to give Battle Ax Sports bats a try!


❌ I'm not asking a lot from few.

✅ I'm asking a little from many.

⭐️ Just $10 from 7,200 supporters get's us to our goal!

This may seem like a big mission for a new bat company, but nothing is too big for our God.

Dreams and ambitions are not by accident, they are callings to achieve our destiny and fullest potential.

We seek to make generational impacts to millions of people by spreading the gospel with this platform.

Please support if you would like to see a bat company with our values reaching and inspiring others through scripture.

Giving God all the Glory!
~ Ashley Nichole Cole ~

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